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We will deliver traffic to your website or affiliate url from 8 different social media platforms, and the traffic will continue every day as long as you are a member.

Here is how it works...Social Medias Platforms

step one Join using the "subscribe button" below.

step two You will get an email with login details.

step three Log in to the members area and submit your                  website link.

That's all..

You can submit a new url (or the same again) every 24 hours. If you want to track the traffic you can submit a tracking url, instead of the original website url.

What we do...

We operate several accounts with these 8 social medias: YouTube - Facebook - Reddit - Twitter - VKontakte - Instagram - LinkedIn - Tumblr, and every day we do heavy promotion on these network of medias. We will use OUR OWN accounts to promote YOUR business EVERY day.

Which of these social medias you will get traffic from on a daily basis, depends on our work on a given day. This means that some days you will mostly get traffic from, let's say, YouTube and the next day from LinkedIn or Twitter, and some days you will get traffic from all 8 social medias, and some days from only a few of them..

I am sure you get the idea of how it works - it's so simple to use. Join - Submit URL - Get Traffic!

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Traffic From Social Medias

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